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Farmers are reducing weed seed return after cereal harvest

Farmers that are utilizing cover crops after wheat harvest are seeing a reduction in the amount of annual weed seeds produced and returned to the soil. Perennial weeds can be managed throughout October at the same time that the volunteer wheat and oat cover crop is retired. Read more on weed control from this Field Crop News article.

Planning for big wheat yields!

Despite the dry year and stripe rust infestation, we saw some big winter wheat yields across the province this season. Many growers are giving credit to a strong stand establishment last fall thanks to the excellent planting conditions. So as we get into the full swing of winter wheat planting, this Field Crop News article offers a few things to keep in mind that will help you get those high winter wheat yields and break another provincial record!

Soybean School: How Randy Dowdy hit 171 bushels per acre

Georgia cash cropper Randy Dowdy has been farming for less than ten years. In that time he has broken the world record for corn yield, and now he's laid claim to the soybean yield record. In this episode of Real Agriculture Soybean School, Dowdy says he simply takes the same approach to soybeans as he does for corn.


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