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Nitrogen fertilizer: Does it help build soil organic matter?

Soil organic matter (OM) is the single most important soil health property that you have influence over through your management. Often, it is stated that nitrogen (N) fertilizer application helps to build soil organic matter by increasing total crop production. Read more on building soil organic matter from this Field Crop News article.

Wheat School: Can winter wheat get too big?

Ontario's winter wheat crop is growing like gangbusters thanks to unseasonably warm fall temperatures. But could it grow too much? Find out from this Real Agriculture article and video.

The struggle to run a farm with a bad Internet connection

The problem now is agriculture has become more dependent on the Internet for business, meaning a connection's capabilities can make or break a farm. Read more on the value of a good connection from this Regina Leader-Post article.

Corn School: Harvest quickly to fend off steep downgrades

In this episode of Corn School, Real Agriculture resident agronomist Peter Johnson takes a close look at gibberella and fusarium infected corn and explains how, under dry 2016 Ontario growing conditions, infection rates have reached levels not seen since 2011.

Harvest While You Can: Meteorologist

Conditions will be by no means ideal, but a U.S. meteorologist is encouraging producers to take advantage of improving weather to get back into the field and resume the stalled Prairie harvest.


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