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ICE Close: Canola Finishes Steady to Mostly Higher

Canola futures closed mixed on Thursday, although the bias was higher in the most active months as ongoing harvest delays, speculative buying and gains in Chicago Board of Trade soybeans all provided support.

Canola: Support for Now

Strength in world vegetable oil markets, along with persistent weather problems in Western Canada, is providing support for canola futures - at least for now.

Soybean School: Breeding for 000 maturity ratings

In this Soybean School episode, Dr. Elroy Cober describes the process of creating a 000 maturity line, layering in drought tolerance and other traits, and how likely it is that North Americans will one day enjoy natto for breakfast.

Corn School: Does emergence really matter? Flag test, part 2

In Part 2 of this Real Agriculture video series Peter Johnson now heads back into his flag plots before harvest to take a look at how early-emerging cobs compare to slower-emerging laggards. Along the way he discovers that many factors other than emergence are also at play - from row spacing, impact of tillers, kernel size and much more.

Understanding precision agriculture – Lessons from the field

A growing number of farmers are taking up precision farming techniques and investing in equipment outfitted with the latest GPS mapping, precision planting, and yield monitoring technology. Read more on the Precision Agriculture Advancement for Ontario project from this Field Crop News article.


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