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Dry edible bean 2016 seasonal summary

Dry edible bean acres were lower in 2016 than they were in 2015. Read more on the lower acres as well as spring planting conditions, weeds, insects, and diseases as well as yield and quality from this 2016 season summary on Field Crop News.

2016 cereals seasonal summary

Read a seasonal summary for cereals from this Field Crop News article. Fall 2015 planting, the 2016 growing season and even fall 2016 planting conditions are covered.

Want to stop cities eating up farmland? We need urban allies

It's estimated that an average of 350 acres of arable land per day are gobbled up in Ontario alone. While urban sprawl may have less of an acres-per-day impact in less populous provinces, the permanent loss of farmland is and should be a major concern not just for farmers, but for urbanites, too. Read more on the need for urban allies from this article.

Alberta Harvest Reaches 90% Complete

Better weather early in November allowed the Alberta harvest to get closer to completion, although those crops still left in the field will likely now stay there until spring.


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