Lumax EZ Herbicide



Corn (field, seed and sweet)

For management of

Broadleaf weeds*: American nightshade; Eastern black nightshade; Common ragwe...

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Application Information

1-Pass Rate 1.9 L/ac 2-Pass Rate (requires a follow up herbicide application in-season)...

Water Volume

10-20 gal/acre (100-200 L/ha)


3 hours
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Tank Mixes

Surface Preplant, Field Corn: glyphosate. Post emergence: glyphosate Lumax EZ may...

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Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 5, 15 and 27 herbicides

Active ingredients

S-Metolachlor (and R-enantiomer), Atrazine and Mesotrione

PHI: Field corn grain/stover: 100 days. Field corn forage: 90 days. Sweet corn: 50 days.
REI: 12 hours

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technical info

About this Product

Trusted weed control with an all-in-one formulation

Early season weed control is easier with Lumax® EZ. This Foundation Acre® Corn product is an all-in-one formulation with trusted season long performance.

Lumax EZ combines the power of the active ingredients you trust from Primextra® II Magnum®, Callisto® and AAtrex® in a pre-mixed, flowable formulation. Used in a one-or two-pass system, Lumax EZ offers flexibility to help you grow the best crop.

Product Benefits

  • Superior weed control - removes key weeds with an extended pre-emergent application window, improving the crop’s yield potential
  • Convenient all in one formulation
  • Flexible application timing: from pre-plant/pre-emergent up to the 6 leaf stage on field corn with one- or two-pass rate options


  • Each case contains 2 x 9.5 L jugs.
  • 450 L totes


For use on:

Corn (field, seed and sweet)

For management of:

Broadleaf weeds*:


* Includes triazine and group 2 resistant biotypes

Application Information

Use Rates

  • 1-Pass Rate 1.9 L/ac
  • 2-Pass Rate (requires a follow up herbicide application in-season) 1.36 L/ac

Water Volume

10-20 gal/acre (100-200 L/ha)

Application Method


Application Information

Lumax EZ herbicide may be used surface pre-plant, pre-emergent, early post emergent or late post emergent (up to 6 leaf) on field corn and pre-emergence in production seed corn and sweet corn.

Please refer to the label for detailed application instructions based on application timing.

Mixing Order

WALES Symbol: L

  1. Fill the sprayer half full with water. Engage gentle agitation. All return lines to the spray tank must discharge below the liquid level.
  2. Add Lumax EZ slowly and agitate until completely dispersed. To ensure complete dispersion, wait 2 or 3 minutes after Lumax EZ has been added to the tank.
  3. Fill the tank to three quarters full with water.
  4. Add the glyphosate-containing tank-mix partner, if required. 
  5. Continue agitation while completing the filling of the sprayer with water.
  6. Always ensure that agitation is maintained until spraying is completed, even if stopped for brief periods of time. Reduce agitation once tank volume is reduced to about one third of capacity.
  7. If agitation is stopped for more than 5 minutes, re-suspend the spray solution by running on full agitation prior to spraying. Lumax EZ must be sprayed the same day as mixing. Do not allow spray solution to remain in tank overnight.

Use Restrictions

Recropping Intervals:

  • Field Corn, Production seed corn, silage corn and sweet corn - no restriction
  • Winter wheat - 4.5 months
  • Spring wheat - 10 months
  • Soybeans, white beans, alfalfa - 11 months
  • Make only one application of Lumax EZ per year.
  • Do not apply other mesotrione-containing herbicides (Callisto or Halex® GT) to ground that has been treated with Lumax EZ herbicide in the same season.
  • Severe corn injury and crop yield loss may occur if Lumax EZ is applied to corn crops that are treated with Lorsban™ insecticide.


3 hours

Tank Mixes

  • Surface Preplant, Field Corn: glyphosate.
  • Post emergence: glyphosate
  • Lumax EZ may be applied prior to or following a pyrethroid-type insecticide such as Force® or Matador®

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 5, 15 and 27 herbicides

Mode of Action

Lumax EZ contains the active ingredients S-Metolachlor (and R-enantiomer), Atrazine (and related triazines) and Mesotrione.

Mesotrione (Group 27) is a selective herbicide that interferes with the weed’s photosynthetic ability so that it is unable to protect itself from the sun, resulting in bleaching and death.

S-metolachlor (Group 15) is a selective herbicide that restricts root and shoot development, so weeds fail to grow.

Atrazine (Group 5) inhibits photosynthesis. AAtrex is actively absorbed by roots and foliage. It is translocated to the top of the plant and accumulates in the leaf margins and the growing points. By blocking photosynthesis, the growth of intact weeds is inhibited.

Labels & MSDS

Disclaimer – ALWAYS read and follow label directions. Please use this information above only as a guideline and not an exact description.

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