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Pulse crops (crop Group 6):  chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans, soybeans; Potatoes; ...

For management of

Pulse Crops (crop Group 6): Anthracnose; Ascochyta blight; Mycosphaerella bli...

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Application Information

Use rates are crop and disease specific. Some are listed here. For a complete rate reference, ple...

Water Volume

Pulse Crops (crop Group 6): Ground:  10 gal/ac or 100L/ha Air: 5 gal/ac or 50 L/ha ...
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application info

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 11 fungicide

Active ingredients


REI: 12 hours

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technical info

About this Product

Quadris for Potatoes:  Improve tuber uniformity while enhancing skin finish
Quadris® can be used as an in-furrow treatment for protection against soil-borne diseases caused by black scurf, Rhizoctonia stem and stolon canker, and silver scurf. Use it in combination with good management practices and an integrated disease management strategy to provide optimal control

Quadris for Pulses:  Protection that grows with your crop
Quadris provides consistent, wall-to-wall coverage against foliar diseases in pulses at critical growth stages. By using the plant’s own feeding system, Quadris moves quicker and farther into the plant, and that means better quality and yield.  Quadris protects pulse crops against Ascochyta, anthracnose and Mycosphaerella.

Product Benefits

  • Systemic protection
  • Registered for in-furrow ground and aerial application
  • Protect quality and yield potential


Each case contains  4 x 3.78 L jugs.


For use on:

  • Pulse crops (crop Group 6):  chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans, soybeans
  • Potatoes

Please consult the label for a complete list of crops.

For management of:

Pulse Crops (crop Group 6):

Potatoes (in-furrow):

* For resistance management, please note that Quadris contains a Group 11 fungicide. Any fungal population may contain individuals naturally resistant to Quadris and other Group 11 fungicides. Please consult the label for more information on resistance management.

For a complete list of crops and diseases, please consult the label.

Application Information

Use Rates

Use rates are crop and disease specific. Some are listed here. For a complete rate reference, please consult the label.

Pulse crops (crop Group 6):  Apply at a rate of 0.2 L/ac.
Potatoes (in-furrow):  Apply at a rate of 4-6 mL product/100 m row.


Water Volume

Pulse Crops (crop Group 6):

  • Ground:  10 gal/ac or 100L/ha
  • Air: 5 gal/ac or 50 L/ha

Potato (in-furrow):

  • Apply Quadris in at least 50-140 L/ha at planting. 
  • Do not apply by air.

Consult the label for crop- and disease-specific water volume recommendations.


Application Method

Aerial, Ground

Application Information

Pulse Crops (crop Group 6):  Do not apply more than two applications per crop per season

Anthracnose, Ascochyta blight, Mycosphaerella blight

  • 1st application: At first sign of disease, and no later than onset of flowering
  • 2nd application: 10–14 days after first application

Asian soybean rust, powdery mildew, Cercospora leaf spot

  • 1st application: R1–R3 stage or when there is 5% disease level
  • 2nd application: 14 days after first application

Potatoes (in-furrow):

  • Apply in a 16-20 cm or 6-8 inch band
  • Apply once as an in-furrow treatment
  • Maximum 1 in-furrow application per year

Mixing Order

  1. Partially fill the spray tank with clean water and begin agitation.
  2. Add the required amount of Quadris to the tank.
  3. Finish filling the tank to the desired volume to obtain the required spray concentration, and maintain agitation throughout spraying.
  4. If the spray mixture is left standing for a prolonged period of time (i.e. overnight), vigorous agitation will be required to re-suspend the fungicide.

Use Restrictions

Re-entry interval: Once the product is dry.

Tank Mixes

Pulse Crops (crop Group 6): 

  • Matador® insecticide

Potatoes (in-furrow):

  • Actara® 240 SC insecticide
  • Minecto™ Duo insecticide
  • Ridomil Gold® 480 SL fungicide

See the label for a complete list of tank mix partners and application instructions.

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 11 fungicide

Mode of Action

The active ingredient in Quadris is Azoxystrobin.

Quadris fungicide has the X-Factor™, a unique feature that allows it to protect new plant tissue as it grows. It uses the plant’s xylem, the main artery for moving water and minerals to leaves and pods, to move itself up and out to all new growing tissue, giving leaves and stems consistent, wall-to-wall coverage.

Resistance Management

Quadris has what's known as single-site activity, meaning its active ingredient attacks the disease pathogen at one specific biological point. Over time, the pathogen can develop a defence to this attack and resistance occurs. And it's not just Quadris -- all strobilurins have single-site activity. To manage disease resistance properly, restrict use of Quadris to the number of applications per year as defined on the label and rotate with Bravo 500, which is a multiple-site activity fungicide. Quadris is a Group 11 fungicide.

Labels & MSDS

Disclaimer – ALWAYS read and follow label directions. Please use this information above only as a guideline and not an exact description.

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