Target Herbicide



Spring wheat; Durum; Winter wheat; Barley; Oats; Canary seed; ...

For management of

Buckwheat (wild, tartary, volunteer, cultivated); Kochia; Lady’s-thumb; Lam...

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Application Information

0.4 L/acre (25 ac/jug) Young weeds in light infestations Actively growing Ide...

Water Volume

Ground: 10 gal/ac (100 L/ha) Air: 3 gal/ac (30 L/ha)


3 hours
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application info

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 4 herbicide

Active ingredients

Mecoprop, Dicamba & MCPA equivalent

PHI: 7 days for feed; 60 days for crops treated with Horizon tank mix
REI: 12 hours

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technical info

About this Product

Take dead aim against kochia, buckwheat and thistles

Target® provides excellent performance on tough broadleaf weeds, such as buckwheat, thistles and Group 2-resistant kochia in wheat, barley and oats.

Product Benefits

  • Contains three active ingredients for outstanding control of 32 of the most persistent broadleaf weeds
  • Tank mix with Horizon® NG for total weed control in wheat and durum


  • Each case contains 2 x 10 L jugs (treats 40 ac)
  • 160 L drums (treats 320 ac)



For use on:

  • Spring wheat
  • Durum
  • Winter wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Canary seed
  • Seedling and established forage grasses
  • Summerfallow and stubble (thistle control)

For management of:

Refer to product label for a complete list of weeds controlled.

Application Information

Use Rates

0.4 L/acre (25 ac/jug)

  • Young weeds in light infestations
  • Actively growing
  • Ideal conditions

0.5 L/acre (20 ac/jug)

  • For use in normal growing conditions

0.6 L/acre (16.5 ac/jug)

  • Canada thistle, cleavers, perennial sow thistle, volunteer canola
  • Overwintering weeds
  • Weeds past the 3-leaf stage
  • High densities
  • Poor conditions

0.8 L/acre (12.5 ac/jug)

  • NON-CROP only
  • For Canada thistle in fallow or post-harvest stubble

Water Volume

  • Ground: 10 gal/ac (100 L/ha)
  • Air: 3 gal/ac (30 L/ha)

Application Method

Aerial, Ground

Application Information

Crop stage

  • Spring wheat, durum, oats, canary seed grass: 2 to 5 leaf
  • Winter wheat: less than 12 inches tall, top leaf extended
  • Barley, seedling grasses (forage): 2 to 4 leaf
  • Established forage grasses: up to shot blade

Weed stage

  • 2 to 3 leaf stage for best results, except:
    • Canada thistle: 4–6 inches tall
    • Cleavers: 1 to 2 whorl
    • Hempnettle: before second pair of true leave
    • Russian thistle: less than 2 inches tall

Do not use in crops under-seeded with legumes.
Do not use a Target + Horizon NG tank mix on barley or oats, or apply this mix by air.

Mixing Order

  1. Fill sprayer ½ full with water. Start gentle agitation.
  2. Add tank mix partner, if applicable, and agitate thoroughly.
  3. Fill tank ¾ full with water and add Target.
  4. Complete flling sprayer and maintain gentle agitation while mixing and spraying.
  5. Do not let contents stand without agitation.

Effects of Weather

  • Do not apply if frost or severe drop in temperature is forecast

Use Restrictions


  • No re-cropping restrictions


  • Avoid freezing


  • 7 day grazing interval


3 hours

Tank Mixes

Horizon NG herbicide

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 4 herbicide

Mode of Action

Target is a combination of dicamba, MCPA and mecoprop.  Target contains three proven broadleaf fighting ingredients so it delivers triple action to ensure outstanding control of over 30 of the most persistent broadleaf weeds in cereals. And Target's thorough systemic action ensures superior performance because it moves through the weed in the direction of greatest nutrient flow-either up to the growing point or down to the roots.

Plus, Target is formulated to spread over the surface of the leaf for thorough coverage and fast penetration-even on weeds with hairy leaves like kochia.

Labels & MSDS

Disclaimer – ALWAYS read and follow label directions. Please use this information above only as a guideline and not an exact description.

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