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Genuity Roundup Ready Canola Hybrid Maturity Rating:


Yield Mid-season Zone: 104% compared to 74-44 BL; 97% compared to 5440; Long-seaso...

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Crop protection partners

Crop protection partners

Visivio™ seed treatment Visivio seed treatment is a combination of the insecticides thiamethoxa...

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About this product

SY4166 is a broadly adapted Genuity® Roundup Ready® hybrid canola variety that is best suited for the mid to long season zones in Western Canada. It carries an excellent agronomic package which includes multi-genic blackleg resistance and top end yield potential rounding out a solid offer for growers in the prairies.


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JumpStart® is a registered trademark of Novozymes Biologicals Ltd. 

Product Benefits

  • Multi-gene resistance to Blackleg.
  • Early season vigour.
  • Excellent standability – allows for higher probability of time savings at swathing and harvest.
  • High end yield potential.
  • Broadly adapted hybrid for the mid-to-long-season growing zones in Western Canada.


Genuity Roundup Ready Canola Hybrid

Maturity Rating:

Chart shows this variety along maturity scale. Contact Us for assistance.



  • Mid-season Zone: 104% compared to 74-44 BL; 97% compared to 5440
  • Long-season Zone: 102% compared to 74-44 BL; 102% compared to 5440

Source: 2014 Canola Performance Trials


  • 1.5 days longer than SY4135
  • 1 to 1.5 days earlier than SY4157

Source: 2014 Canola Performance Trials


  • Medium height


  • Excellent Standability for ease at harvest


  • Good disease package with mulit-gene blackleg resistance built in.

Trial Results

Trial Results


Crop protection partners

Visivio seed treatment
Visivio seed treatment is a combination of the insecticides thiamethoxam and sulfoxaflor and the fungicides difenoconazole, metalaxyl-M, fludioxonil and sedaxane. Visivio is registered in canola, rapeseed and oilseed mustard and controls insects including striped and crucifer flea beetles, and diseases such as seed-borne blackleg, seed-borne Alternaria, and the seedling disease complex (damping-off, seedling blight, seed rot and root rot) caused by Pythium spp., Fusarium spp. as well as offers best in class Rhizoctonia protection.

Fortenza™ seed treatment
For canola growers who want to improve their insect control spectrum, Fortenza  provides added control of cutworm. Fortenza is available with the proven package of Helix Vibrance, and together, are a winning combination for broad spectrum insect and disease management and enhanced crop establishment.

Helix® Vibrance® seed treatment
Syngenta canola seed is treated with Helix Vibrance, adding the pest control of Helix Xtra® to the Rooting Power™ of Vibrance. This seed treatment technology helps canola unleash its full potential. Helix Vibrance will provide unsurpassed early-season disease protection including Rhizoctonia, and outstanding longer lasting flea beetle control.

Quilt® fungicide
Quilt provides the management of virulent blackleg infections in canola for enhanced plant performance, resistance management and convenience.

Matador® insecticide
Protects a wide range of crops from insect damage that can rob you of yield and quality. With contact and residual activity on a broad spectrum of insects, your fields are safe with Matador.

JumpStart logoSyngenta canola hybrids can also be treated with JumpStart®. JumpStart is a phosphate inoculant that grows along the root making more phosphate available to the plant, to deliver healthier crops and higher net returns. Click the JumpStart logo for more information.

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