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Wheat School: Shedding pounds makes healthier seeding rate

In this episode of Real Agriculture Wheat School, Peter Johnson laments the fact that many growers tell him they still seed at 150 lbs per acre. In the video, Johnson explains that when growers know the seeds per pound they can then plant optimum seeding rates.

Wheat School: Weedy wheat requires swift action

In this episode of Real Agriculture Wheat School, Deb Campbell from Agronomy Advantage explains that winter annuals are seven to 10 days ahead of normal and that means growers will have to shift their mindset to tackle the problem.

Corn School: Should you plant a ‘fixed’ or a ‘flex’ hybrid?

With the growth of precision farming and advancing genetic progress, there's now a new question to contemplate: should I plant a fixed, flex, or semi-flex hybrid? In this Real Agriculture Corn School, Aaron Stevanus explains that seed companies are now evaluating their hybrids on these criteria to help growers pick the best hybrids for their farm and management program.


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