Visivio is formulated with a powerful combination of insecticides and fungicides to control striped and crucifer flea beetles while protecting against a broad spectrum of seed- and soil-borne diseases.

Four fungicides and two powerful insecticides deliver industry-leading, broad-spectrum pest control.

Helps keep insect population levels low.

Can help reduce the likelihood of needing an in-season foliar insecticide for flea beetles.

Quick-acting, long-lasting protection with proven seed safety.

Resources to help you grow your best crop

Discover grower-trusted resources to help you protect your canola yield.

The impact of more canola acres
Canola Council of Canada agronomist Gregory Sekulic talks about what’s driving the growth of flea beetle populations.

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Canola pest management guide
Learn how to correctly identify, scout and manage flea beetles and other key canola pests.

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Flea beetles threatening your canola?
Refer to our handy infographic to find out if your fields are at risk.

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Farming Today Podcast
Listen to Ted Labun discuss the importance of stand establishment in canola.

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