Corn, Soybean Production Lower

Hefty reductions in Manitoba and Quebec have knocked the 2018 Canadian corn and soybean production estimates lower from September.

In its final crop production report for the 2018 growing season on Thursday, Statistics Canada pegged nationwide corn output for this year at 13.88 million tonnes, down from the agency’s previous estimate of 14.46 million and now 1.5% below the 2017 crop of 14.09 million. Meanwhile, soybean production is now seen at 7.26 million tonnes, down from 7.51 million in September and almost 6% below the previous year’s record high of 7.71 million.

Much of the decline corn and soybean output on a nationwide basis from September can be attributed to Manitoba and Quebec, where the final corn and soybean yields are down sharply.

With the average corn yield in the province slashed to just 113.2 bu/acre from 133.2 bu in September and 128.2 bu in 2017, this year’s Manitoba crop is reduced to 1.2 million tonnes, down from 1.41 million in September and 1.27 million last year. Soybean output in the province was reduced to 1.58 million tonnes from 1.9 million in September and 2.24 million in 2017 as the average yield fell to 31.1 bu/acre from 37.3 bu in September and 36.1 bu a year earlier.

Estimated Quebec corn production for this year was lowered to 3.61 million tonnes from 3.75 million in September and 3.78 million in 2017, while soybean output slipped to 1.16 million tonnes from 1.22 million. Last year’s Quebec soybean crop amounted to 1.11 million tonnes.

The average Quebec corn and soybean yields came in at 150.4 bu and 46.9 bu, compared to 155.5 bu and 50 bu in September and 159.3 bu and 41.9 bu in 2017.

In the largest corn and soybean province of Ontario, estimates were mixed compared to September. Corn production in the province fell to 8.76 million tonnes from 9.05 million (up 0.3% from 2017), while soybean output actually increased 200,000 tonnes to 4.2 million.

The average Ontario corn yield was trimmed to 166 bu/acre from 169.3 bu in September (167 bu in 2017), while the average soybean yield of 51.4 bu/acre topped the September estimate of 49.1 and blew away last year’s 45.6 bu/acre.

Saskatchewan soybean production for this year is estimated at 231,800 tonnes, down from 298,200 tonnes in September and sharply below 479,000 in 2017. Alberta soy output fell to 11,600 tonnes from 16,100 in September. On the other hand, Alberta corn production increased to 118,300 tonnes from 81,800 in September.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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