Maps: AccuWeather Forecasting Hot, Dry Summer in Parts of Prairies

AccuWeather is forecasting a particularly hot summer across much of Canada this year, along with the potential for drought in parts of the Prairies.

In its annual summer outlook, AccuWeather said most of Alberta and a large portion of the Saskatchewan production region could be at risk of below normal precipitation. Things could be made even worse for crops in Alberta due to the expectation of above-normal temperatures. "There is a concern for a building drought over the western half of the Prairies this summer due to a combination of dry soil and the expected weather pattern," said meteorologist Brett Anderson.

As the maps below show, much of Manitoba is expected to see generally normal precipitation and temperatures.

As for Ontario, heat and plenty of rain are expected, leading to the possibility of especially stormy summer for the Great Lakes region. Along with an increased amount of rain, an above-average number of thunderstorms and incidents of severe weather are predicted. "This may end up being an above-average year for tornadoes across Ontario," Anderson said. "Increased warmth and humidity will be factors as these will help feed the storms."

Along the Great Lakes, higher water levels combined with locally strong winds from persistent storms may increase the risk for lakeshore flooding, Anderson added.

AccuWeather precip forecast

AccuWeather temp forecast

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