New Flax Straw Processing Facility to Open in Regina 

Saskatchewan producers with flax residue to burn now have a new market to do it. 

Earlier this week, Saskatchewan-based bioenergy company Prairie Clean Energy (PCE) announced the opening of a processing facility in Regina that will convert flax straw into biomass pellets, which can then be burned as a source of clean energy in power plants. As part of the announcement at Canada’s Farm Show, PCE also signed its first long-term straw sales agreement with Saskatchewan flax producer Thomas MacKenzie of Darian Farms Ltd. 

“With our new flax straw processing plant, long-term deals signed with flax straw producers, and customers around the world eagerly awaiting our flax straw pellets, things are looking good for Prairie Clean Energy,” PCE President and CEO Mark Cooper said in a release. 

According to Cooper, interest in PCE’s flax straw biomass pellets is growing in Asia, Europe, and across the world. With 70% of Canada’s flax grown in Saskatchewan, Regina is the perfect location for PCE’s first flax processing plant, he said. 

Expected to be open by the end of this year, the new facility will produce about 60,000 tonnes of pellets annually. 

Every year, thousands of tonnes of flax straw are produced on the Prairies, with most of it either burned in the field or otherwise disposed of. 

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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