US Corn Harvest 5% Complete

Maturity may be running ahead but the US corn harvest is off to just an average start this year.

According to Monday’s USDA crop progress report, 5% of the 2020 American corn crop was in the bin as of Sunday, a couple of points ahead of last year but on par with the five-year average. Most of the progress to date has occurred in the more southern production states of Texas, North Carolina and Kentucky but combines have started to roll in the main Midwestern production region as well.

An estimated 2% of the crop was off in Illinois, 1 point ahead of last year and 3 points behind the average, while Indiana was 1% harvested compared to 3% on average. In the No. 1 production state of Iowa, the harvest was 1% complete, on par with the average. No harvest activity was reported in Michigan, Ohio or North Dakota.

Meanwhile, 41% of the crop national corn crop had reached maturity as of Sunday, up from 25% a week earlier and well ahead of just 16% last year and 32% on average.

Almost half (45%) of the Iowa crop was reported mature, far ahead of 26% on average, while Illinois was running 7 points behind average at 37% mature. Indiana was right in line with average at 34% mature. The Michigan and Ohio crops were 19% and 14% mature, respectively, compared to 13% and 24% on average. The North Dakota crop was 18% mature, on par with average.

At 60% good to excellent as of Sunday, the condition of the nationwide corn crop was down a single point from a week earlier but still above 55% last year.

Ravaged by drought and storm damage, the Iowa crop was down 1 point on the week to 42% good to excellent, while Indiana was fell a single point to 60%. The Illinois crop gained 2 points to 72% good to excellent. The Michigan crop dropped 1 point to 52% and Ohio was down 2 points at 47%. The condition of the North Dakota crop slipped 6 points on the week to 57%.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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