Syngenta Canada launches Miravis® Era fungicide for wheat and announces Miravis® Neo and Miravis® Ace label expansions

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • New Miravis® Era fungicide delivers two powerful modes of action for best-in-class Fusarium head blight protection
  • Miravis® Neo fungicide label expanded to include cereals and soybeans
  • Miravis® Ace fungicide label expanded to include oats and barley
Syngenta Canada Inc. announced the launch today of Miravis® Era, a new fungicide that represents the latest evolution in Fusarium head blight protection (FHB) for wheat crops.
Miravis® Era provides two powerful, broad-spectrum active ingredients to help farmers grow better yielding, higher quality crops:
•    ADEPIDYN® (Group 7) – a breakthrough fungicide found throughout the entire Miravis® fungicide lineup that delivers powerful, long-lasting disease protection
•    Prothioconazole (Group 3) – a proven fungicide long considered the industry standard for Fusarium head blight management

“We are entering a new chapter of advanced disease protection with Miravis® Era at the forefront,” says Sam Livesey, Product Lead for Row Crop Fungicides, Insecticides and Plant Growth Regulators with Syngenta Canada. “Our customers are quickly learning the power ADEPIDYN® brings through our other Miravis® fungicide brands. Miravis® Era is the first product on the market to deliver two highly effective modes of action against FHB.”

Small plot trials conducted by Syngenta Canada showed that Miravis® Era applied to wheat resulted in an average DON (deoxynivalenol) suppression of 50 percent, while competitor fungicide Prosaro® XTR delivered 19 percent DON suppression.1

Several Canadian and US small plot trials also showed Miravis® Era outyielding Prosaro® Pro by an average of 5.0 bu/ac under high disease pressure conditions.2

Livesey says Miravis® Era will be available in limited quantities in 2022 to growers who are consistently fighting Fusarium head blight and require the most advanced protection.

Syngenta Canada also announced a significant expansion to the Miravis® Neo fungicide label for 2022. Previously registered in corn and pulse crops, three mode-of-action Miravis® Neo can now be used to protect against a wide range of foliar diseases in cereals (winter wheat, spring wheat and barley), and soybeans.

In cereals, Miravis® Neo delivers consistent, long-lasting control of numerous leaf diseases, including Septoria, tan spot and rust, and offers a wide application window from BBCH 29 - 55 (stem elongation to heading).

For soybean crops, Miravis® Neo delivers broad-spectrum disease control of key diseases including Asian rust, anthracnose and frogeye leaf spot, along with white mould suppresion.

“Miravis® Neo is a versatile, highly effective solution that provides outstanding control of the many foliar diseases that steal yield,“ says Livesey. “With Miravis® Neo, farmers can benefit from healthier, higher-yielding crops along with simplified and efficient cereal and soybean disease management.“

Previously registered in spring wheat, winter wheat and durum, Miravis® Ace fungicide can now be used in barley and oats. This label expansion also adds suppression of ergot – in addition to Fusarium head blight suppression.

“The launch of Miravis® Era and expansions to Miravis® Neo and Miravis® Ace labels demonstrate our commitment to bringing fungicide solutions that help Canadian farmers grow a better crop,“ says Livesey.

1Syngenta small plot trials conducted in 2020. N=5.
2Syngenta Canada and US small plot trials conducted in 2020 under medium to high Fusarium disease pressure conditions. N=5 (Canadian trials).