Miravis® Duo

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Miravis® Duo offers the broadest spectrum of disease control in labelled crops and delivers results that speak for themselves. Explore the evidence below to discover the difference for yourself!

Wrapping up 2021 in vegetables and ginseng.

Horticulture Specialist Patricia Kloepfer wraps up the 2021 growing season discussing how Miravis® Duo performed in vegetable and ginseng crops.

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Simply effective disease protection with Miravis® Duo fungicide

See how Miravis® Duo fungicide from Syngenta offers powerful, long-lasting disease protection in high-value horticulture crops.

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Highlights from the first year of Miravis® fungicide in Canada

Thank you for helping us make the first year of Miravis® fungicides a great one!

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Healthier, higher yielding squash.
Photo taken in Windham Centre, ON, on October 2, 2019.
A side-by-side comparison showing a healthier butternut squash crop on the left.

Miravis® Duo outperformed the industry standard, helping produce a higher yielding, healthier crop of butternut squash.

A more harvestable carrot crop.
control of Alternaria

Miravis® Duo maintained healthier leaves and petioles in carrots to improve harvestability.

Source: Internal and external replicated trials conducted in Europe in 2014. N = 5. Applications were made three to four times on a 14-day interval throughout the trials. See the data
Seeing is believing.
Photo taken in Canning, NS, on September 15, 2020.
Zucchini field showing visual difference between treated and untreated.
Untreated Miravis® Duo

Miravis® Duo protects zucchini crops from powdery mildew. Treated plants (right) had healthier leaves than untreated plants (left).

More marketable Brassica crops.
control of Alternaria infections

Miravis® Duo controlled more than 90 percent of Alternaria infections in Brassica vegetables.

Source: Internal and external replicated trials conducted in the United States in 2016 and 2017. Applications were made three to four times on a seven- or 14-day interval throughout the trials. All treatments included an NIS adjuvant at 0.125% v/v. Note: Quadris® is registered on cabbage in Canada. See the data
Preserving quality and yield.
Source: External trial. Photos taken in Cambridge, ON, on September 4, 2020.
Broccoli treated with industry standard fungicide. Standard
Broccoli treated with Miravis® Duo. Miravis® Duo

Miravis® Duo outperformed the industry standard, helping produce a higher yielding, healthier crop of broccoli.

Harvest onions

“We monitor the conditions of our onion fields regularly. You have to, to keep up with what’s coming at you and help the crop as much as you can. This year we tried two applications of Miravis® Duo as part of our fungicide program and were very pleased… The onion field we had it in ended up with a very good yield and good-sized onions.”

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Peter Sawler,

Sawler Gardens, Berwick, NS


“Miravis® Duo worked well as a part of our Stemphylium program in 2020. Miravis® Duo provides growers with two modes of action against Stemphylium, which is one of the hardest diseases to control in onions. We plan on using Miravis® Duo again to help us control Stemphylium and manage resistance.”

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Kyle Horlings,

Hollandale Farms, King, ON

Ginseng treated with Miravis Duo

“We used Miravis® Duo on both ginseng and squash in 2020. We are happy with the disease control it provided and impressed with the length of control of powdery mildew in squash. In ginseng it provided us good control of Alternaria in a high disease year. We will be using Miravis® Duo again next year near the beginning of our spray program.”

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Andrew Cebulak,

Cebulak Family Farms, Windham Centre, ON

Beets treated with Miravis Duo

“We strive for excellent quality. Miravis® Duo was one of the tools that helped us achieve that goal in our late season red beets. We have never had tops look that good so late in the season.”

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Raymond Den Boer,

Den Boer Family Farm , Otterville, ON

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