Miravis® Neo

From the field...

Miravis® Neo offers growers peace of mind and reassurance that they’re protecting their crop’s yield and quality long after they put their foliar fungicide down.

Explore the evidence below to discover the difference for yourself!

Performance in spring wheat.
increase vs. competitors.

In spring wheat across Western Canada, Miravis® Neo provided consistent, long-lasting control against leaf disease.

Source: Syngenta research authorization trials in Western Canada conducted in 2019 – 2021 (N = 14) See the data
Performance in ontario winter wheat.
increase vs. competitors.

In grower strip trials on winter wheat, Miravis® Neo outyielded competitors with an average yield gain of 3.7 bu/ac.

Source: Grower trials conducted across Ontario in 2021-2023. N = 11 See the data
Stop Septoria in its tracks.
Source: Photo captured in Elm River, MB, in 2018.
Untreated oat leaf shows Septoria symptoms. Treated leaves (Trivapro® and Miravis® Neo) do not.

Oats treated with Miravis® Neo developed fewer Septoria lesions than plants treated with Trivapro® or untreated checks.

Clean up crown rust in your oats.
Source: Photo captured in Elm River, MB, in 2019.
Untreated oat leaf shows crown rust symptoms. Treated leaves (Trivapro® and Miravis® Neo) do not.

In oats treated with Trivapro® or Miravis® Neo, fewer crown rust pustules are visible.

Powerful rust protection.
Photos captured in St. Williams, ON, in June, 2021
Untreated wheat crop showing 85% rust infection. Untreated
Wheat treated with Miravis Neo showing 5% rust infection. Miravis® Neo

The untreated wheat (left) shows 85% rust infection, while the wheat treated with Miravis® Neo (right) shows just 5% infection.

Protection that moves through the plant for staying power you can count on.
Phosphorimages taken at Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre, UK, November, 2021.
Phosphorimages demonstrating AI movement in winter wheat leaves.

The ADEPIDYN® in Miravis® Neo gradually moves through the plant, spreading throughout the leaf within 14 days of application. Miravis® Neo also provides azoxystrobin that progresses through the plant in a similar way and propiconazole that delivers rapid acropetal movement and provides full coverage within three days. The result? Disease protection that gets to work fast and goes the distance

Later applications in winter wheat.
increase vs. untreated.

In Eastern Ontario, winter wheat crops treated with Miravis® Neo at BBCH 45 saw a 12 bu/ac yield increase over untreated checks. That’s an additional four bushels per acre more than when Miravis® Neo was applied at BBCH 32!

Source: Syngenta research trials conducted in Eastern Ontario in 2017. N = 8. See the data
A difference you can see.
Photo taken in Lloydminster, AB, in 2019.
Aerial view of field; crop looks different with two different treatments
Miravis® Neo Folicur®

Miravis® Neo delivers powerful protection you can see – even at a distance.

Miravis® Neo yield 70 bu/ac, Folicur® yield 49-55 bu/ac
Protect barley.
increase vs. competitors.

Across the Prairies, barley crops treated with Miravis® Neo saw an average 6 bu/ac yield increase over competitors in 2017.

Source: Miravis® Neo research authorization trials conducted in 2017 across Western Canada. Includes aggregate yield data from the following competitor products: Nexicor®, Trivapro® and Twinline®. N = 3. See the data
Miravis® Neo helps preserve green material for improved yield.
Photo taken in Lethbridge, AB, on August 30, 2021.
Two wheat plants dug up and on large ruler shows larger plant with more heads when treated with Miravis Neo vs. untreated.
Miravis® Neo Untreated

Spring wheat treated with Miravis® Neo developed more plant material that stayed green longer, helping contribute to higher yields.

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