Miravis® Prime

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Miravis® Prime accumulates in the waxy layer of a crop’s leaves and then translocates for even distribution and disease protection throughout the plant, reducing disease incidence and severity in specialty crops. Explore the evidence below to discover the difference for yourself!

Grow more gorgeous grapes with Miravis® Prime.

Horticulture Specialist Patricia Kloepfer shares what she saw in Vidal grapes three days after a Miravis® Prime application to protect against Botrytis and powdery mildew.

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Miravis® Prime fungicide delivers performance with more power

See how Miravis® Prime fungicide from Syngenta provides an unprecedented level of protection and confidence for high value specialty crops.

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Highlights from the first year of Miravis® fungicide in Canada

Thank you for helping us make the first year of Miravis® fungicides a great one!

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Reduced disease incidence and severity.
Photos taken in Niagara County, ON, in September 2019.
Grapes treated with a competitor fungicide showing quality loss from powdery mildew. Competitor
Grapes treated with Miravis® Prime showing superior quality in the presence of powdery mildew. Miravis® Prime

Miravis® Prime provides excellent efficacy against powdery mildew.

More marketable yield.
Photos taken from Florida trials in 2020.
Untreated lettuce on the left. Lettuce treated with Miravis® Prime on the right.
Untreated Miravis® Prime

Miravis® Prime provided more protection and more marketable yield in lettuce than the untreated control.

Preserve what’s most important.
Photos captured in Windham, ON, in June 2020. One application at 1 L/ha was made at bloom within an overall spray program. Two pints of fruit were randomly harvested and stored at room temperature for four days before the photos were taken.
Comparison of strawberries: treated vs. untreated.
Standard Miravis® Prime

Miravis® Prime provides for a longer shelf life than the industry standard program.

Powerful protection you can see.
Photos taken in Niagara County, ON, in September 2019.
Grapes treated with a competitor fungicide showing heavy Botrytis damage. Competitor
Grapes treated with Miravis® Prime showing significantly less Botrytis damage. Miravis® Prime

Miravis® Prime delivers Botrytis control you can count on to help protect yield and quality.

Outperforms the standard.
higher yield with Miravis® Prime

Miravis® Prime preserves the quality and yield of specialty crops like blueberries, helping growers realize higher yields than competitor fungicides.

Source: Research authorization in highbush blueberries conducted in British Columbia in 2020. N = 2.
Strawberry at Tigchelaar Berry Farm

“We tried Miravis® Prime in 2020 on our day-neutral strawberries. We were happy with the results and purchased more for the rest of our crop. Miravis® Prime fits well into our fungicide program and we are hoping to use it again in 2021.”

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Matt Tigchelaar,

Tigchelaar Berry Farm, Vineland Station, ON, 2020

“We used Miravis® Prime for the first time this season and didn’t have any more Botrytis rot or fungus than other years. I’ve used other fungicides over the past 30 years now and I’d say Miravis® Prime worked just as well – maybe even better. I’d use it again. Strawberries can be a tough crop to grow. You have to put in a lot of work for what’s basically a month-long season. I found that Miravis® Prime tank mixed really well, so that I could lay down my insecticide and foliar fertilizer during the two bloom sprays– then park the sprayer for good.”

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Jody Rendell,

Cape Breton, NS, 2020

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