Miravis® Star

From the field...

Not satisfied with the status quo? See how Miravis® Star helps light the way to higher-yielding canola through outstanding Sclerotinia protection and unmatched flexibility.

A highly protective and effective tandem
7 + 2
ADEPIDYN® (Group 7) + Fludioxonil (Group 12)

Through a unique active ingredient combination, Miravis® Star provides systemic and contact protection, as well as built-in resistance management

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Reach new yield heights at harvest
1.4 bu/ac
Average increase vs. competitor Sclerotinia fungicides

In field-scale trials across Western Canada, canola treated with Miravis® Star consistently outyielded the competition by an average 1.4 bu/ac.

Source: Syngenta research trials in AB, SK and MB 2022. N = 27 with 32 comparisons. See the data
More bushels, better returns
Photo captured in Tribune, SK, in August 2022.
A canola field; half treated with Miravis® Star that appears greener than the untreated.

Miravis® Star - treated canola out-yielded the untreated check by 15%.

Miravis® out-performed competitors 70% of the time.

We pitted Miravis® Star against competitor Sclerotinia fungicides… and it won 70% of the head-to-head yield battles.

Source: Syngenta research trials in AB, SK and MB 2022. N = 27 with 32 comparisons. See the data
Field performance you can see.
Source: Photos taken near Portage la Prairie, MB in 2021.
Untreated canola where Sclerotinia pressure was high Untreated
Canola treated with Miravis® Star showing greener stems Miravis® Star

Miravis® Star helps deliver clear advantages over untreated canola acres.

What makes Sclerotinia such a threat?
Source: Photo captured in Langbank, SK in 2022.
Canola stem showing Sclerotinia body in it.

Sclerotinia is widely considered to be the disease that’s most devastating to both your canola…and your bottom line.

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