Pride in purpose-driven work

Abhi shares his passion for his role

Caitlyn BlackAbhi’s unique career journey started in academia before he joined Syngenta nearly a decade ago. He charted his path throughout the organization by taking on various challenges and now leads the innovative Canadian Seedcare Institute (SCI).

Abhi shares his Syngenta experience.

What makes you want to continue working at Syngenta?

It’s the everyday challenges that help me develop personally and professionally, and the feeling of satisfaction that I have purpose and can contribute to feeding the world.

Why would someone want to work here?

If you are passionate about agriculture and helping farmers grow the best crop; if you want to work with a highly professional team; if you want a workplace culture that helps you fulfil your dreams, then Syngenta is where you want to be.

What would you want someone just starting with Syngenta to know about the company?

The company is passionate and dedicated to sustainable agriculture so people around the world have affordable, quality food.

How would you explain the value of what you do to someone not in agriculture?

We make sure that farmers have the best experience using our products. Put simply, we want every seed that gets planted to be protected from damaging pests so that it can reach its yield potential.

What is the coolest thing you get to do in your job?

I really like interacting with farmers and customers, understanding their challenges, and helping solve their problems. It is also awesome to interact with a highly knowledgeable team that likes to challenge each other and gets the best out of you.

If you could point to one thing that makes Syngenta an employer of choice, what would it be and why?

One of the major focus areas of the company is on people. The leadership team is highly passionate about employees and their well-being, equity, diversity, inclusion, and the flexible work arrangements to make sure they can give their 100 percent and have the best experience at work.

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