Syngenta Seeds unveils Silverline™: the new brand for its conventional soybeans

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • Silverline™ is the new brand name for market-leading conventional soybeans from Syngenta Seeds, previously branded as NK® soybeans.
  • The rebrand follows an announcement that the conventional, high-protein soybeans will now be produced and distributed to growers and retailers by Hensall Co-op and Jackson Seed Service.

​​​​​​​Syngenta Seeds will now call its conventional soybeans ‘Silverline™’ after announcing a new licensing model for the portfolio. The market-leading soybean seeds, previously branded as NK®, will now be produced and distributed to growers and retailers by Hensall Co-op and Jackson Seed Service under the new Silverline name.

“The Silverline brand captures the essence of one of Canada’s most distinguished conventional soybean portfolios – one that is representative of 50-plus-years' experience of Syngenta breeding high-performing soybeans for the Canadian market,” says Dan Wright, Head of Syngenta Seeds. “Hensall Co-op and Jackson Seed Service are in great position to take Silverline soybeans where our industry told us they wanted it: closer to our customers and the market.”

It was announced in February that NK conventional, high-protein soybeans will be sold under a new brand with seed production, marketing and distribution managed by the two licensees for the 2024 growing season and beyond.

“Silverline soybeans are the same high-quality varieties developed with market-leading breeding and genetics from Syngenta that Canadian growers have trusted for more than half a century,” says David Lee, Breeding Project Lead for Syngenta Seeds. “The new brand and enhanced distribution model will better support growers in Canada and food manufacturers around the world as they continue to access our high-protein, high-yield, and high-value food-grade crops.”

Hensall Co-op and Jackson Seed Service will each develop their own independent product offerings for Silverline soybeans, which will include pricing, programs, packaging, and more.

“Marketing and distribution of a product with such a legacy of high-performing genetics is an exciting opportunity,” says Jim Barclay, Crop Retail Manager, Hensall Co-op. “Silverline soybean seeds, combined with Hensall Co-op’s full-service agronomy and marketing team, provides growers with products, market access, and knowledge to maximize their earning potential.”

Jackson Seed Service has been growing, processing, and distributing pedigree soybean seeds for over three decades.

“Since the distribution announcement in February, Jackson Seed Service has had queries from growers and dealers about the new Syngenta Seeds brand for conventional soybeans, so it will be very rewarding to add the name Silverline to conversations going forward,” says Jarod Jackson, Soybean Seed Manager, Jackson Seed Service.

Syngenta will continue offering a full range of NK traited soybean varieties and corn hybrids, sold through the existing NK dealer network.

Syngenta encourages growers to contact their retailer to discuss their 2024 soybean seed needs, availability, and pricing.