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Syngenta Stewardship Agreement

The Syngenta Canada Inc. Stewardship Agreement outlines the terms under which growers may grow and market technologies sourced from Syngenta. All growers of Syngenta or NK Seed must have a signed Stewardship agreement.

Soybean, corn and cereals must have a Syngenta Stewardship agreement (SSA).

pdf icon image  Syngenta Canada Inc. Stewardship Agreement

pdf icon image Fillable version of the Syngenta Canada Inc. Stewardship Agreement

Genuity® Roundup Ready® canola must have a technology stewardship agreement issued by Monsanto Canada (TSA).

The SSA provides a limited to use to the Licensed Technologies listed in the agreement, as well as any additional Licensed Technologies that may be listed on this website from time to time, including the following Licensed Technologies.

Refer to the Agreement.


AAC Synergy Barley
CDC Desire
SY Sovite 
SY Rowyn 
SY 087 
SY Slate 

And note: SY479VB also requires THE MIDGE TOLERANT WHEAT STEWARDSHIP AGREEMENT. For more information please visit

Varieties will be added to this page as needed, so please remember to refer back to this page.

Why are Stewardship agreements required?

  • Signing a Stewardship Agreement provides growers a limited license to grow Syngenta branded seed products
  • The agreement outlines the terms under which any grower may grow and market the technologies sourced from Syngenta 
  • Informs growers of their responsibilities around the proper handling of seed (i.e. saving seed and grain channeling)

 Agreements may be sent in using one of the following methods:

E-mail (preferred)  
Fax 1-866-574-9431
Mail Syngenta Canada Inc. Attention Stewardship 140 Research Lane Guelph, ON N1G 4Z3

  • All copies should be written in clear, legible hand-writing, include the full address and be signed. 
  • Be sure to keep a copy for your records as well!
  • Allow 2 week to receive a technology number 
  • Agreements are required prior to delivery of seed

Growers wishing to access their assigned Syngenta Stewardship Agreement number (SSA) may contact their dealer, Syngenta Sales Rep or the Customer Interaction Centre 187-Syngenta (1-877-964-3682).