Seed Stewardship

Syngenta Stewardship Agreement

A strong stewardship program is essential for helping to protect and preserve the long-term value of trait technology. Embracing this responsibility provides growers with ongoing choices and helps to ensure they remain good stewards of the land.

The Syngenta Canada Inc. Stewardship Agreement outlines the terms under which growers may grow and market technologies sourced from Syngenta. All growers of Syngenta or NK branded soybean, corn and cereal seed must have a signed Syngenta Stewardship Agreement (SSA).

Why are SSAs required?

  • Signing a Syngenta Stewardship Agreement provides growers a limited license to grow Syngenta branded seed products
  • The agreement outlines the terms under which any grower may grow and market the technologies sourced from Syngenta 
  • The agreement informs growers of their responsibilities around the proper handling of seed (i.e. saving seed and grain channeling)

Where can I find the SSA?

All agreements must include a full mailing address and a signature.

Please ensure agreements being completed by hand are written in clear, legible handwriting. 

How can Syngenta Stewardship Agreements be submitted?

Completed stewardship agreements can be submitted in two ways:

  • Signed, clearly scanned copies of the agreement as well as electronically signed copies can be emailed to (preferred)
  • Original agreements can be mailed to Syngenta Canada Inc., Attention: Stewardship, 15910 Medway Road, Arva, ON N0M 1C0

Agreements are required prior to delivery of seed. 

Please allow up to five business days of processing time to receive a Syngenta Stewardship Agreement number.

Remember to keep a copy of the agreement for your own records.

How do I access my SSA number? 

Growers wishing to access their assigned SSA number can contact their dealer, their Syngenta Sales Representative or the Customer Interaction Centre 1-87-SYNGENTA (1-877-964-3682).

What is covered in the SSA?

All seed requires a Syngenta Stewardship Agreement. The SSA provides a limited license to use to the Licensed Technologies listed in the agreement, as well as any additional Licensed Technologies that may be listed on this website from time to time, including the following Licensed Technologies:

 IP Soybeans: 

  • S01-D5
  • S03-P4
  • S03-W4
  • S04-K9
  • S07-M8
  • S10-R2
  • S12-J7
  • S14-H3
  • S16-J5
  • S16-B8
  • S18-R6
  • S20-G7
  • S20-W9
  • S23-T5


  • AAC Synergy
  • Sirish
  • Torbellino
  • SY Stanza


  • SY Cast
  • SY Rorke
  • 5700PR
  • SY Torach
  • SY Rowyn
  • SY Manness
  • SY Crossite

Cereal Exemptions

The above cereal varieties require adherence to the terms of the Syngenta Stewardship Agreement and each grower is required to sign an agreement. However, for the above-specified cereal varieties only, there is an exception to the prohibition against use of farm-saved seed.

Full terms of the exemption.

As set out in the letter, seed may be carried for use as seed for one year. The amount of the seed that is allowable for carryforward for one year is:

  1. The equivalent of the certified seed purchased in the prior year, or
  2. The equivalent amount required to plant the acres needed for a secured malt contract for the current year. (For the purposes of this exception, a 2.25 to 2.5 bu/acre rate is assumed.)

Please note SY 479VB and all midge tolerant blends also require a Midge Tolerant Wheat Stewardship Agreement. For more information please visit or contact your local seed dealer.

Varieties will be added to this page as needed, so please remember to refer back to this page.

For more information download the 2024 Corn Stewardship Guide.