Axial Herbicide



Spring wheat (excluding durum); Winter wheat; Barley;  

For management of

Wild oats; Green foxtail; Yellow foxtail; Barnyard grass; Volunteer o...

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Application Information

0.5 L/ac

Water Volume

Ground: 5-10 gal/ac (50-100 L/ha) Air: 3 gal/ac (30 L/ha)


1 hour
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Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 1 herbicide

Active ingredients


PHI: 30 days for hay. 60 days for grain and straw.
REI: 12 hours

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About this Product

Go ahead. Paint a target on persistent wild oats and control them with Axial herbicide.

For growers seeking the ultimate grass weed control in their cereal crops, Axial® herbicide provides market leading grass control, excellent crop safety and application flexibility - the premium standard in the market.

Confidence is… superior crop safety

  • Tolerance of Axial in spring wheat, winter wheat and barley is achieved through the action of a built-in safener.
  • The safener in Axial protects the crop to a high degree, without compromising grass weed control. 
  • Compared to competitor grass herbicides, Axial is considerably safer on both wheat and barley.

Confidence is… superior weed efficacy

  • Axial works faster than Group 2 grass herbicides.
  • In ideal conditions, grassy weeds can begin to turn colour in three to five days.

Confidence is… various weather conditions

  • The superior rainfastness is enhanced by the action of the adjuvant that is built into Axial.

Product Benefits

  • Broad-spectrum annual grass control at a simple, single use rate
  • Excellent crop safety on spring wheat, winter wheat and barley
  • Flexible broadleaf herbicide tank-mix options for one-pass weed control
  • Widest window of application on both weeds and crops
  • All-in-one formulation with three pack sizes to fit all operations


  • Each case contains 2 x 10 L jugs (treats 40 ac)
  • 80 L drums (treats 160 ac)
  • 400 L totes (treats 800 ac)


For use on:

  • Spring wheat (excluding durum)
  • Winter wheat
  • Barley

For management of:

Application Information

Use Rates

0.5 L/ac

Water Volume

Ground: 5-10 gal/ac (50-100 L/ha)
Air: 3 gal/ac (30 L/ha)

Application Method

Aerial, Ground

Application Information

Crop:  Apply from 1 leaf to flag leaf  (Note: do not apply past the flag leaf stage)

Weeds: Apply from 1 to 6 leaves, prior to emergence of the 4th tiller

Mixing Order

  1. Clean spray tank and ½ fill with clean water. Start agitation or bypass system.
  2. If a broadleaf herbicide or fungicide is to be used, add that product first and agitate for 2–3 minutes.
  3. Add correct amount of Axial herbicide.
  4. Agitate for 2–3 minutes before adding remainder of water and then maintain constant agitation.
  5. After any break in spraying operations, agitate thoroughly before spraying again.
  6. Use the spray suspension as soon as it is prepared.
  7. Follow sprayer clean-up directions.

Use Restrictions

Re-cropping: No restrictions

Storage: If frozen, allow to thaw and agitate thoroughly prior to use

Grazing: 7 day grazing interval


1 hour

Tank Mixes

Confidence Is - Superior tank mix flexibility

  • Buctril® M / Mextrol® 450 herbicide
  • Infinity® herbicide
  • Curtail® M herbicide
  • Frontline™ XL herbicide
  • MCPA Ester herbicide
  • Stellar™ herbicide
  • Prestige™ herbicide
  • Refine® SG herbicide
  • Spectrum™ herbicide
  • Refine® M herbicide

Axial can also be tank mixed with Tilt® or Quilt® fungicide to control early-season cereal leaf disease.

Please refer to the label for a complete listing of tank mix partners.

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 1 herbicide

Mode of Action

Axial is a liquid emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation containing 50 g/L of the active ingredient pinoxaden.  Axial inhibits fatty acid biosynthesis through the inhibition of the ACCase enzyme (Group 1 mode of action) in susceptible grass species.

Labels & MSDS

Disclaimer – ALWAYS read and follow label directions. Please use this information above only as a guideline and not an exact description.

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