Flexstar GT Herbicide



glyphosate tolerant  soybeans;

For management of

Annual broadleaf weeds such as kochia, lady's-thumb, lamb's-quarters, volunteer canola (all t...

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Application Information

Eastern Canada: 1.4 L /acre  (3.5 L/ha) Red River Valley of Manitoba: 0.85 L/ac (2.1 L/ha) ...

Water Volume

15–20 gal/ac or 150–200 L/ha


4 hours  
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Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 9 and 14 herbicides

Active ingredients

Fomesafen & glyphosate

PHI: 90 days
REI: 12 hours

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technical info

About this Product

Specifically designed for glyphosate tolerant soybeans, Flexstar™ GT herbicide allows users to move beyond glyphosate alone. Flexstar GT combines the contact and residual power that controls Group 2-resistant weeds and reduces the probability of weed shifts and glyphosate resistance.

Product Benefits

  • Enhanced control of glyphosate tolerant weeds
  • Residual control of target weeds
  • Reduces weed seed bank
  • Two modes of action reduce the potential of glyphosate resistant broadleaf weeds


Each case contains 2 x 10L jugs


For use on:

  • glyphosate tolerant  soybeans

For management of:

Refer to the label for a complete list of weeds controlled.

Application Information

Use Rates

Eastern Canada: 1.4 L /acre  (3.5 L/ha)
Red River Valley of Manitoba: 0.85 L/ac (2.1 L/ha)

Water Volume

15–20 gal/ac or 150–200 L/ha

Application Method


Application Information

  • Glyphosate tolerant soybeans are tolerant to Flexstar GT herbicide application made to plants in the 1 to 2 trifoliate leaf stage.
  • Apply Flexstar GT herbicide when weeds are small and actively growing.
  • Application should be made when the main flush of weeds is complete and the majority of the weeds are at the cotyledon to 3 or 4 true leaf stage.
  • Under stress conditions and for larger weeds, addition of Turbocharge is required at 0.25% v/v of spray solution.
  • Apply using ground equipment only.

Refer to the label for complete details on weed staging and application timing.

Mixing Order

WALES Symbol: S

  1. Fill the spray tank with ½ the required amount of water.
  2. Add Turbocharge® at 0.25% v/v, if required, and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
  3. Fill the spray tank to ¾ the required amount of water.
  4. Add Flexstar GT herbicide and agitate to ensure complete mixing.
  5. Add glyphosate.
  6. Finish filling the spray tank with water, maintaining gentle agitation.

Effects of Weather

  • Moisture is necessary to activate Flexstar GT herbicide for residual weed control.  Dry weather following application of Flexstar GT herbicide may reduce effectiveness.

Use Restrictions

  • Re-cropping winter wheat: 4 months
  • Re-cropping spring wheat soybeans (non-Genuity® Roundup Ready®), dry edible beans, field corn: 10 months
  • Do not harvest glyphosate-tolerant soybeans within 90 days of application of Flexstar GT herbicide.
  • Store above -10°C in the original container. Keep in original container, tightly closed, during storage.   Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from feed and foodstuffs, and out of the reach of children and animals. Keep away from fire or open flame, or other sources of heat.  If frozen, allow to thaw and agitate before use.
  • Do not graze the treated crop or cut for hay.
  • Do not apply Flexstar GT herbicide to any field more often than once every two years.


4 hours

Technical Information

Chemistry Group

Group 9 and 14 herbicides

Mode of Action

Flexstar GT contains the active ingredients Fomesafen and Glyphosate.  It has fast-acting contact activity, plus residual broadleaf control of many annual broadleaf weeds.

Labels & MSDS

Disclaimer – ALWAYS read and follow label directions. Please use this information above only as a guideline and not an exact description.

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