Seed Tag Order Form

Please use this form to order bulk quantities of seed tags.

PLEASE NOTE our shipping timelines:  Your shipment should arrive within 5 busines days for regular tags and 7 – 10 business days for CFIA Style.

Individual PDF versions of the seed tags are available here if you do not have large requirements.

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Please refer to this table for assistance in ordering the correct quantity of seed tags.

**Note minimum quantity of 1000 tags for all products. If you order less than this minimum quantity, you will receive 1000 tags, or multiples of 1000 tags.

Table showing tote size and tags per tote of each product.

Indicate your desired quantity of REGULAR SIZED (3 ½” x 7”)  seed tags beside the product name: (see below for CFIA style)
 Apron Advance (FOM14146):  
 Apron Maxx RFC: (FOM12415)  
 Apron Maxx RTA: (FOM12423)  
 Apron XL LS: (FOM12421)  
 Clariva pn: (FOM15631)  
 Cruiser 5FS: (FOM15179)  
 Cruiser Maxx Corn 250: (FOM15180)  
 Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Beans: (FOM15183)  
 Cruiser Vibrance Quattro (FOM15244):  
 DividendXL RTA (FOM12255):  
 Fortenza: (FOM14918)  
 Helix XTra (FOM12419):  
 Helix Vibrance: (FOM14900)  
 Maxim Quattro (FOM13275):  
 Vibrance 500FS (FOM14119):  
 Vibrance Maxx: (FOM-14797)  
 Vibrance Maxx RFC: (FOM15741)  
 Vibrance Quattro (FOM14732):  
 Visivio (FOM15743):  



Indicate your desired quantity of CFIA STYLE (fan-fold; 5 ¾” x 2 ½”) seed tags beside the product name:

 Apron Maxx RFC (FOM12440):  
 Clariva pn (FOM15637):  
 Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Beans (FOM15182):  
 Cruiser Vibrance Quattro (FOM15196):  
 DividendXL RTA (FOM12902):  
 Fortenza (FOM14919):  
 Helix Vibrance (FOM14901):  
 Vibrance 500FS (FOM14118):  
 Vibrance Maxx RFC (FOM 15742):  
 Vibrance Quattro (FOM14848):  
 Visivio (FOM15744):