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Bred for performance on every acre.

We’re pleased to bring you a wide selection of high-yielding NK corn hybrids through industry leading science and local breeding knowledge.

Developed from a large germplasm pool, our corn varieties provide diverse genetics that encourage higher yields, with lower risks, thanks to traits like:

Agrisure Duracade features a unique mode of action to help control corn rootworm differently than other traits on the market, making it an important tool in integrated corn rootworm management.
Agrisure Viptera is the only trait currently available that effectively controls western bean cutworm, and also protects the crop from key above-ground insects like corn earwom, cutworm and armyworm.
Agrisure Artesian maximizes yield when it rains and increases yield when it doesn't.

We’ve introduced a numbering system that includes the relative maturity and trait package in each hybrid’s brand. This makes it easier to select hybrids best suited to your geography. You can learn more about our system here.



Relative Maturity

Agrisure Traits

Insect Control

Herbicide Tolerance

Water Optimization

Reduced Refuge



Performance By…

Soybean Type

Diseases / Pests

Agronomic / Plant Characteristics

Management Recommendations

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Adaptation to Soil Types

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NK7837 Broad Adaptation Across Yield Environments235078
NK8005 Artesian ~ Superior Yield Combined with Agrisure Artesian Technology240080
NK8204 Exciting Yield Performance with Quick Drydown260082
NK8519 Consistent Performance Across Environments265085
NK8618 Artesian ~ Elite Genetics with Agrisure Artesian Technology265086
NK8920 Exciting Yield with Broad Adaptation272589
NK9227 Artesian ~ Exciting Yield Potential Paired with Agrisure Artesian Technology275092
NK9535 Exciting Yield Performance285095
NK9610 Consistent Performance Across a Wide Range of Soil Types285096
NK9738 Excellent Yield Performance in High-yield Environments290097
NK0243 Very Good Drought Tolerance3075102
NK0472 Excellent Test Weight and Grain Quality Allow Movement North of Zone3100104