Insect control delivered through Agrisure traits

Syngenta is uniquely positioned in the market as the only company that offers a complete portfolio of insect control technologies. We provide comprehensive, season-long control of more corn pests than any other seed or crop protection company.

The 2021 NK® corn seed line up features the following Agrisure® trait stacks. Evaluate your insect control options here.

Insects controlled
or suppressed

Agrisure 3120
E-Z Refuge® 

Agrisure Duracade®
5122 E-Z Refuge

Agrisure Duracade
5222 E-Z Refuge

Agrisure Viptera®

Black cutwormxxxx
European corn borerxxxx
Southwestern corn borerxxxx
Southern cornstalk borerxxxx
Lesser cornstalk borerxxxx
Sugarcane borerxxxx
Fall armywormxxxx
Corn earwormxxxx
Common stalk borerxxxx
Western bean cutwormxxxx
Western corn rootworm
Northern corn rootworm
Mexican corn rootworm
Beet armyworm
Dingy cutworm
True armyworm


To learn more about Agrisure trait stacks, or about the 2021 NK corn portfolio, please contact your Syngenta Representative or use our Find a Rep tool to identify a rep in your area.