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Syngenta Biologicals Corn

Syngenta Biologicals

Connecting science with nature.

Syngenta Biologicals unlock the rich possibilities for plant and soil health innovation, harnessing nature to protect and promote plant growth in effective and sustainable ways.

Our products offer growers additional choices to manage resistance and enhance soil health – all backed by science and proven through rigorous field testing.

A photo of a lush, healthy corn field at sunrise.


Biocontrol products are crafted from naturally occurring elements to help manage fungal and bacterial diseases, insects, nematodes, and weeds.

When used in combination with synthetic crop protection products, biocontrols can help delay resistance and extend the longevity of those other products.

A photo showing a close up of healthy, green wheat heads.


Biostimulant products are applied to seeds, plants, or root environments to stimulate a plant’s natural processes with the aim of achieving benefits such as improved nutrient use efficiency, crop quality, or tolerance to abiotic stresses like extreme cold or heat.

Biostimulants contribute to overall plant health, improving the plant’s ability to cope with stress and the grower’s ability to cope with the effects of climate change.

wheat crop


Biofertility products address nutrient needs. They colonize the rhizosphere and/or the plant itself and encourage growth by synthesizing growth-promoting compounds. Examples of biofertilizers include beneficial microorganisms that can fix nitrogen from the air or solubilize phosphorus from the soil to supplement the nutrients available to a crop and help increase yield.