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Silk RM
Silk GDU
Black layer RM
Black layer GDU

Disease tolerance

Northern corn leaf blight
Goss’s wilt
Common rust
Fusarium crown rot
Gray leaf spot
1 = Best, 9 = Worst, (-) = Not Available

Plant & ear characteristics

Plant height
Ear placement
Ear flex
Cob colour
Husk cover
Leaf type
Root type

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Seed products with the LibertyLink® (LL) trait are resistant to the herbicide glufosinate ammonium, an alternative to glyphosate in corn, and combine high-yielding genetics with the powerful, non-selective, post-emergent weed control of Liberty® herbicide for optimum yield and excellent weed control. Consult bag tags for E-Z Refuge product herbicide options. Only those labeled E-Z-1 may be sprayed with glufosinate ammonium based herbicides, including Liberty® herbicide.