Acuron’s four active-ingredients and three modes-of-action puts growers in control

Flexible application timing from pre-emergent to the 6 leaf stage of corn

Improve yield potential by keeping fields clean.

Built-in resistance management with four active ingredients and three modes of action.

Combines the active ingredients in Lumax® EZ with bicyclopyrone for enhanced protection.

Resources to help you grow your best crop

Discover grower-trusted resources to help you protect your corn crop from the toughest grass weeds.

Acuron Technical Bulletin
Learn more about multi-targeted control of difficult weeds in our technical bulletin.

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An agronomist's experience
Agronomist Patrick O'Neill shares his experience with Acuron

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A grower's experience
Grower Bill Van Dorp shares his weed control experience with Acuron

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Corn Pests Guide
Learn about the pests that could be hurting your yield.

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