Big Changes in Lentil, Mustard Area

Canadian producers had a significant change of heart when it came to planting lentils and mustard this spring.

In an updated acreage report released Monday, Statistics Canada pegged national lentil planted area for this year at 4.23 million acres, an approximately 500,000-acre increase from original intentions of 3.7 million, as reported by StatsCan in May. If accurate, it would be a 12% increase from last year and represent the largest Canadian lentil seeded area since 4.4 million acres in 2017.

Virtually all of the increase in lentil planted area compared to intentions was driven by the largest production province of Saskatchewan, where seeded area is now reported at just over 3.8 million acres, compared to 3.32 million in May and 3.38 million in 2019.

In contrast, today’s report put Canadian mustard acres for this year at just 256,500 acres, a drop of 138,000 or 35% from intentions and nearly 36% below the previous year’s 398,600. It is the smallest mustard seeded area going all the way back to 1983 when 235,000 acres were seeded.

Dry pea planted area was estimated by StatsCan at 4.25 million acres, little changed from intentions of 4.27 million and down slightly from 4.33 million a year earlier.

At 910,500 acres, flax seeded area was reported down about 30,000 from intentions and about 2.8% below the 937,100 acres seeded in 2019. It is the smallest flax area since 910,000 acres in 2012.

Canary seed planted area was estimated at 268,000 acres, down slightly from intentions of 275,600 but still above the 255,900 acres seeded in 2019. Chickpea planted area increased to 297,800 from intentions of 254,900 but remains well down from 391,900 in 2019. Sunflower area dropped to 69,600 acres from intentions of 104,400 and the previous year’s 76,300.

Dry bean acres (coloured and whites) increased to 386,500, versus intentions of 323,800 and 395,300 a year ago.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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