Challenges and Progress in Ontario's Corn Harvest

In Ontario, the recent favourable weather allowed farmers to complete the soybean harvest and make considerable progress in corn harvesting. However, challenges remain, according to the latest field observations from the Grain Farmers of Ontario on Thursday.

While most of the corn (60 to 100% depending on the region) has been harvested, varying yield reports and higher-than-usual moisture levels are concerns. Moisture in the harvested corn ranges from the low 20s to over 30%.

A significant issue for farmers is the presence of Deoxynivalenol (DON), a toxin that has been more problematic this year compared to the last four, though not as severe as in 2018.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario have provided resources to help farmers manage higher DON levels in their corn. Discussions among farmers include the possibility of leaving corn in the fields longer for further drying, taking into account the stalk integrity.

Despite these challenges, there has been a notable amount of high-quality corn received at elevators across the province.

As for winter wheat, delayed planting due to weather and soybean harvest has raised concerns about its growth and yield, though germination and vernalization are still occurring, which is essential for grain production.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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