Clubroot Found in More Saskatchewan Fields

Clubroot is continuing to be found in more Saskatchewan canola fields.

According to the latest Saskatchewan Clubroot Distribution Map - released Monday by the Government of Saskatchewan and SaskCanola - 51 commercial canola fields in the province have now been confirmed with visible symptoms of the disease, an increase of eight fields since the release of the previous map in January, 2019.

In addition, the clubroot pathogen was detected in five fields without visible symptoms in 2019.

More than 1,700 fields were tested for Clubroot during the summer and fall of 2019, according to a provincial release. The landowners of all fields with visible clubroot symptoms or the presence of the clubroot pathogen have been contacted. The locations of these fields have also been shared with the appropriate rural municipality office, if the municipality has enacted a clubroot-specific bylaw.

Clubroot, a declared pest under Saskatchewan’s Pest Control Act, is a disease that restricts a plant’s ability to obtain water and nutrients from the soil. The key to clubroot management is to keep the pathogen levels as low as possible to minimize the impact on canola yields. A proactive and science-based clubroot management strategy should include the use of clubroot-resistant canola varieties in a minimum of a three-year rotation. An extended crop rotation will help to minimize yield losses while also protecting the effectiveness of clubroot-resistant canola varieties.

“Clubroot awareness and management is of increasing importance for the agriculture industry,” Agriculture Minister David Marit said. “We want to help farmers prevent further spread of the disease. Knowing where clubroot exists in the province helps us do that.”

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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