Corn Harvest Progress Remains Slow in Some States

The U.S. harvest is nearly 90% complete, but it seems likely there will still be corn left in some states until the spring.

The latest weekly USDA crop progress on Monday pegged the overall American corn harvest at 89% complete as of Sunday, up just 5 points on the week and 9 points behind the average.

But while most other states are at least 90% done, progress remains slow and lagging badly in a handful of others. Chief among them is North Dakota, where the harvest advanced only 6 points on the week to reach 36% complete as of Sunday, far behind 87% last year and 95% on average. The Michigan harvest is also moving slowly, gaining 10 points from the previous week to 66% done, behind 89% on average. Wisconsin was just two-third complete as of Sunday, behind 91% on average, and an estimated 20% of the crop remained out in South Dakota versus only 2% on average.

On the other hand, the Illinois and Indiana crops were both 93% harvested as of Sunday, up from 88% and 89% a week earlier, while the Iowa harvest gained 6 points to 92% done. The Ohio crop was 90% in the bin, compared to 83% a week earlier and 95% on average.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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