Dry Bean Harvest a Slog

The dry bean harvest remains a slog across all production areas, with the potential for some fields not to get harvested at all in both Manitoba and the North Dakota-Minnesota region, according to the latest update from Thompsons Ltd.

In Michigan and Ontario, cool temperatures and snow are now also limiting fieldwork.


Harvest is over 90% complete in Ontario. There are a few fields in the northern areas that still must be harvested. Weather has kept harvest at a standstill in northern communities this week. Quality and yield are good considering the tough spring and fall harvest Ontario faced. First real forecast of snow in Ontario this week with chance of flurries Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.


Cold weather and precipitation continue to slow harvest. Mixture of heavy rainfall and snow fall were common in the Lower and Upper Peninsula pushing the harvest behind the 5-year average. The dry bean harvest is 87% complete after 79% last week and compared to the average of 95%. Snow in the forecast for Michigan Thursday, Saturday and Monday. Sun and cloud all week allowing temperatures to hover around 35 º F with showers predicted for Sunday.


No changes in harvest progress this week in Manitoba. Harvest progress is rated at 69% complete again this week. In other years harvest would be 100% done. It is difficult to estimate if remaining fields will get harvested or not. That will be dependent on field conditions and weather forecast. There are concerns about the quality of the beans remaining in the field. Sun and clouds all week forecasted in Manitoba, a high of 0ºC on Friday, before cooling off to -10ºC on Sunday with scattered flurries and remaining cooler the rest of the week.


Fields froze last week allowing three good days of harvest. Temperatures warmed up on Friday and curtailed any equipment in the field. Beans are retaining moisture thus far this week. Colder temperatures should allow equipment in the field assuming the beans come down in moisture. Harvested quality remains good but moisture is high. There are fields that will not get harvested because of excessive time in water or snow. Minnesota has only progressed harvest by 3 points from a week earlier, now reaching 79% complete this week. Harvest in North Dakota is at 77% complete. The crop in this area is about 35-40 days behind the norm. Sun and clouds today and tomorrow bring the temperature up to 30º F by Friday before scattered flurries Saturday. Cold temperatures again Sunday, Monday and Tuesday reaching 14 ºF.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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