Employers Asked to Post Farm-Related Job Openings

With many Canadian workers already out of a job because of the covid-19 pandemic and the agricultural sector badly in need of labour, there may be a match there.

In its latest daily covid-19 update, Manitoba-based Keystone Agricultural Producers said ag employers are being asked to post available positions on three job sites:




Although the federal government has now made allowances for temporary foreign workers to enter the country amid covid-19-related border shutdowns, the agricultural industry remains badly short on workers. According to the latest labour market forecast from the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council in November, there were 63,000 unfilled positions in the ag sector in 2018 — up from 30,000 unfilled positions in 2004. By 2029, the number of unfilled positions is expected to climb to 123,000.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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