Farmers Asked to Participate in Weekly Covid-19-Related Survey

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is asking producers to participate in a weekly survey as the covid-19 crisis continues, to identify any related issues/problems down on the farm.

Responses to the survey will be used by the CFA as it works with the federal government to support Canadian agriculture throughout the crisis. This week’s initial survey, which closes on Thursday at 12 pm EST, includes queries on temporary foreign workers, and whether buyers/processors have indicated any changes/restrictions to the purchase of farm products.

“Your voice is being heard and will be relayed to the top federal government officials via CFA’s president and executive team,” the CFA said.

Respective provincial agriculture associations will be provided with the national survey data and provincial results in a timely and weekly manner to assist with their lobbying efforts.

Producers are asked to adhere to survey deadlines weekly.

This week’s survey can be accessed here:

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