Further Revision Lower for Dry Peas, Lentils

Drought has taken another bite out of Canadian dry pea and lentil output.

In its final crop production report for the 2021 growing season on Friday, Statistics Canada pegged the national lentil crop at 1.606 million tonnes. That is down from the 1.802 million tonnes forecasted by StatsCan back in September and is now about 44% below the previous year.

Meanwhile, dry pea production was estimated at 2.257 million tonnes in Friday’s report, down from 2.52 million in September and well below the 2020 crop of 4.594 million.

At an estimated 4.24 million acres, lentil harvested area was little changed from September, meaning the bulk of the decline in the production estimate is due to a weaker yield – down to 835 lbs/acre from 938 in September and 1,501 the previous year. If accurate, lentil production would be the lowest since 1.537 million in 2012, while the yield would be the weakest since 821 lbs in 2002.

Similar to lentils, pea harvested area was little changed from September at 3.68 million acres. However, the average yield dropped to 22.5 bu/acre from 24.9 bu, and down from 40.5 bu in 2020. It is potentially the worst dry pea yield since 19.5 bu/acre in 2002, while production would be the smallest since 2003.

Flax production was also lowered from September, down to 345,708 tonnes from 378,800, as the average yield was dropped to 13.6 bu/acre from 15.1 bu. Last year’s flax crop amounted to 578,000 tonnes, with an average yield of 24.8 bu. It is the worst Canadian flax yield since 13.3 bu/acre in 1989.

Mustard production for 2021 was slashed to under 50,000 tonnes (49,955) from almost 71,000 in September and 98,800 last year. At 393 lbs/acre, the average mustard yield is the lowest since 310 lbs in 1961.

Chickpea output was revised up from September, rising to 76,192 tonnes from 63,900 although that remains way down from 214,400 in 2020.

Canary seed production dropped to 109,240 tonnes from 178,200 last year, while sunflower output fell to 81,749 tonnes form 101,300. Dry bean production dropped to 385,869 tonnes from 489,500 a year ago.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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