Hot and Rainy Summer in Store 

Plenty of heat is in store for much of Canada this summer – and potentially more rain than usual as well, according to the Farmer’s Almanac summer forecast. 

The forecast - which is based on a proprietary formula that relies on many factors, including the Moon - is calling for a warmer than normal summer for most of the country (see map below). In fact, for many regions, “the heat will seem unrelenting, persisting from late June through early September,” the forecast said. Temperatures at times will soar past 32 degrees C, in some cases, even approaching 37 C. Combined with what is expected to be oppressive humidity, heat indices could approach 40 C in some areas, it said. 

Meanwhile, the forecast suggests rainfall will be above normal over central Canada. Across a swath covering parts of the Rockies, Prairies, and Great Lakes there will be occasional bouts of heavy precipitation, primarily from showery rains and big thunderstorms. Elsewhere, over Quebec and parts of the Maritimes, the forecast indicates below-normal precipitation. 

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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