Impressive Results for Great Lakes YEN

The Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) has already put up some impressive results in its pilot project year.

In a release Tuesday, the highest winter wheat yield for program was reported at a whopping 152.8 bu/acre, achieved by Kevin Van Netten of Simcoe, ON.

Grain Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Michigan Wheat Program, Michigan State University, and the University of Guelph, launched the Great Lakes YEN earlier this year to help farmers and the industry build insights and knowledge about practices and other factors impacting yield. In its inaugural year, the Great Lakes YEN focused solely on winter wheat, working with 40 farmers in Ontario, Michigan to ascertain the difference in their actual and potential yields.

Farmers provided their field data and highlighted their agronomic practices to help identify links to achieving the highest percent of yield potential and also the highest yield.

This year's highest percentage winner, Jeff Krohn of Owendale, MI, achieved 73.7% of potential while the average across the entire network was 52.5% of potential.

“The Great Lakes YEN is a unique collaboration that will propel our understanding of production and benefit farmer-members across the province, and across the border. Collaborations like this will help the grain industry continue to grow and thrive and we are thrilled to be a founding member,” said Crosby Devitt, CEO, Grain Farmers of Ontario.

The Great Lakes YEN Project is currently accepting applications for the 2022 project year. There are limited spaces in this program, so farmers are urged to sign up now. For more information on the Great Lakes YEN, farmers can visit

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