Manitoba Edible Bean Crop Could Be Biggest in Years

Manitoba could be looking at its largest edible bean crop in over a decade, as acres were up and early development generally looks good.

Manitoba farmers seeded an estimated 163,700 acres of edible beans in 2019, according to Statistics Canada. That’s up 20% from 2018 and marks the largest bean acreage in the province since 2006.

Seeding went as planned, although the beans were slower coming out of the ground due to cooler spring conditions, said Manitoba Agriculture pulse specialist Dennis Lange.

Much of southern Manitoba received rain over the past week. More is possible in northerly growing areas on Thursday.

“Depending on where you are, it will either be just about perfect or way too much,” said Lange. The wettest areas were not prime edible bean areas, “so overall we should be pretty good,” he added.

Edible beans do better in dry conditions than soybeans and lower yields for soybeans over the past few dry years likely contributed to farmers switching some acres out of soybeans and back into edible beans, according to Lange.

The switch appears has been confirmed by government data collectors. Manitoba farmers seeded an estimated 1.470 million acres of soybeans in 2019, which would be down by roughly 400,000 from the previous year, according to Statistics Canada.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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