Manitoba Seeding Moving at Average Pace

Manitoba seeding reached half complete last week, roughly on par with a year ago and the five-year average.

The latest provincial crop report said overall seeding was 50% finished as of the second week of May, compared to 55% last year and 51% on average. Spring cereals and peas were reported between 70% and 100% complete, while rapid progress has occurred on canola, now estimated at 30-60% finished.

However, generally cooler weather continued across the province last week, with the cold temperatures and dry soil conditions forcing some producers to seed soybeans ahead of canola.

Rainfall is required in nearly all areas of the province.


Very little to no rainfall over the past week has producers concerned about dry soil conditions. Overnight lows still reaching -5 to -9°C in the region. Only 4mm rain reported in Russell area and some localized showers close to Riding Mountain National Park. Most of other areas in the southwest region are without good precipitation.

Cool soil conditions kept some producers out of the field but some seeding progress was made, especially over the weekend. Producers who were waiting for good soil temperatures to seed their canola and soybean crops are starting now. Overall seeding progress 45 to 50% complete in southwest region.

Wheat, barley and oats about 80% done. Warm conditions over the weekend have encouraged early seeded wheat emerge, and is at cotyledon to one leaf stage. Pea seeding 100% complete and are just about to emerge. Soybeans are 5 to 10% seeded and quick progress is expected this coming week with a favourable forecast. Both corn and silage corn are being planted and are about 50% complete. Canola is about 25% seeded with most acres being planted over the last 2 to 3 days as soil temperatures improved.


Drying winds, warmer temperatures and no precipitation allowed for seeding to progress at a good pace in the region. The exception is The Pas, where a few more days of good weather needed before spring operations begin. Soil is warming up rapidly and soil moisture is generally adequate throughout the region with dryer soil moisture conditions on the east side of the region. Daytime temperatures are warming up to the low 20s; however overnight temperatures continued to dip below zero.

Reports estimate that overall, seeding progress in the Northwest Region is 40% complete; there are more acres seeded around Dauphin than the rest of the region.

Approximately 70 to 80% of the spring wheat crop is in the ground in the Swan River area; around Roblin, about 85% of the spring wheat is seeded. Barley and oats are 85% in the ground in the Roblin area. Field peas are 80 to 95% seeded in the whole region. Canola seeding is also underway and estimated at 10 to 20% complete.


Scattered showers on the weekend brought variable amounts of rainfall across the region. Amounts varied from zero to 15mm. Although soil moisture had been adequate going into seeding, top soil is starting to dry, and germination could be affected. Some producers, waiting for more moisture, chose to plant soybeans before canola.

Good progress has been made on wheat, oats and barley, now 90% complete. Early planted cereals are starting to emerge. Corn has been going in steadily as well with some producers in the northwestern and southern part of the region close to completion. Oilseed crops like canola, flax and sunflower have become the focus in the last week. Seeded acres of canola at 30 to 40% complete but will increase rapidly in the next few days.


Scattered showers from 0.3 to 11.5mm fell across the Eastern Region last week. Soil moisture conditions on cropland across the region were rated as adequate to short. Soil moisture conditions of hay and pasture land were rated as adequate to short. Soil moisture conditions remain adequate for seeding.

Overall spring seeding across the region estimated at 50 to 60% complete. Spring wheat acres are nearing 100% completion, with northern parts of the region at about 80% completed due to wetter soil conditions. Early seeded wheat fields are now emergence and looking good. Corn planting is about 75% complete with northern parts of the region trailing that value at 55% complete. Corn planting is expected to wrap up this week across much of the region. Canola seeding is estimated at 40% complete with more good progress expected this week.


Although the past week has seen overnight lows fall below freezing, daytime temperatures jumped over the weekend. Average temperature range for the previous week has increased to 8 to 9°C. Trace rainfall for most locations, with highest amounts of 4mm. Producers are concerned about the lack of precipitation in all parts of the region. Forecast rain will be very welcome.

Excellent progress has been made, with seeded acres ranging from 40 to 60% for the region. Canola is estimated at 20 to 35% complete. Soybeans are estimated at 10-25% complete; corn acres at 10-40% complete. Most progress has been made in the southern part of the region, but all areas have acres going in. Some comment that they are wrapping up seeding earlier than normal.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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