Map: Agricorp Reports Strong Ontario Winter Wheat Yields 

It was a banner year for many Ontario winter wheat producers this year. 

Provincial crop insurer Agricorp on Tuesday reported the average 2022 winter wheat yield among those farmers with production insurance at around 98 bu/acre, approximately 15% above the10-year average for those who take part in the program. 

As can be seen on the map below, most of the strongest yields were in a large area extending north from about London to the Bruce Peninsula (with some exceptions). Growers in the far eastern reaches of the province, in the Ottawa region and toward Quebec, also did well. On the other hand, generally weaker yields were recorded in the Niagara region and at the western end of Lake Ontario. 

In its model-based production estimates released earlier this month, Statistics Canada pegged the average Ontario winter wheat yield for all growers at a much more modest 80.5 bu/acre, down from 82.2 bu the previous year. 

Winter wheat crops in general were quite variable across the province this year, depending on the amount of rainfall received, planting date, starter fertilizer and the timing of nitrogen application. 

Ontario winter wheat yields

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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