Map: Eastern Corn Belt States Battling Wet Conditions

Slowing harvest progress helped to support corn and soybean futures on Tuesday, and it is not hard to see where the biggest difficulties lie.

As can be seen on the map below, the eastern Corn Belt states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and especially Michigan have all been trending wetter, with topsoil moisture in Michigan rated at a whopping 62% surplus as of Sunday.

Although Michigan producers were able to take full advantage of dry spells in between rain events this past week to push the state corn harvest to 47% complete as of Sunday – ahead of 33% last year and 31% on average - the latest weekly state crop progress report said persistent rainfall remains a concern and crop quality continues to be “closely monitored.”

On the other hand, just 68% of the Michigan winter wheat crop was planted as of Sunday, well behind 90% last year and 80% on average, due to wet field conditions. The state soybean harvest is also lagging, with 49% of the crop in the bin as of Sunday, versus 72% last year and 59% on average.

In Ohio, both the corn and soybean harvests were also hampered by soggy fields last week. However, there was a window of good harvesting weather around mid-week and producers were able to advance the corn and soybean harvests to 41% and 70% complete, respectively, compared to the state averages of 41% and 72%. Winter wheat planting was 75% complete, 10 points behind average.

The Illinois corn harvest (78% complete as of Sunday) continues to run ahead of the average pace but both the soybean harvest (68% done) and winter wheat planting (67%) were behind. As for Indiana, corn harvest progress this past week fell behind the five-year average for the first time this year at 57% complete, while the soybean harvest also remained behind schedule at 63% done. An estimated 66% of the Indiana winter wheat crop was in the ground as of Sunday, 8 points behind the average.

Topsoil moisture

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