Map: Monthly US Drought Monitor Bodes Well for Soybeans

The latest US monthly drought outlook bodes well for soybeans but is less promising for 2021 winter wheat crops.

As shown on the map below, improvement in current dry conditions across western Iowa is expected in August – providing a boost for soybean crops which typically go through their most yield sensitive stage of development during the month. “Due to the likelihood of above normal rainfall and below normal temperatures during August, drought removal or improvement is likely over the western Midwest Region, the monitor said.

However, with longer-term forecasts unclear, the monitor said drought persistence is likely for August across the northeastern Midwest region.

On the other hand, above-normal temperature forecasts favour drought to persist and develop across Wyoming, Colorado, parts of southern Nebraska and western Kansas – potentially reducing soil moisture for winter wheat crops to be seeded on the southern Plains this fall.

Meanwhile, the monitor suggests the dry conditions that plagued portions of the northern Plains, including North Dakota, through spring and into early July should also further improve amid forecasts for above-normal rainfall coupled with below normal temperatures in August.

monthly drought monitor

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