Map: Ontario Dryness, Drought Worsened in July 

Rainfall more recently has helped, but much of southwestern Ontario plunged deeper into abnormal dryness and drought in July. 

As the latest monthly update of the Canadian drought monitor on Wednesday shows, much of the area extending all the way from Windsor to about Oshawa in the east and beyond Bracebridge in the north was impacted by either abnormally dry or moderate to severe drought conditions as of the end of July. 

Limited rainfall from late-June into the first two weeks of July, as well as the last week of July, led to an overall deficit in moisture as much of southern Ontario reported just 60% of normal precipitation during the month, the monitor said. A small pocket west of Toronto fared even worse, recording less than 40% of normal precipitation. 

There were reports of corn crops growing only half their expected height and turning brown, as well as non-irrigated potato crops struggling and dying off from drought conditions, the monitor said. 

Abnormally dry conditions expanded north and eastward in July compared to June, while moderate drought and pockets of severe drought emerged around Kitchener-Waterloo and Sarnia, the monitor said. A pocket of moderate drought also developed from Barrie towards Huntsville. Elsewhere across the region, pockets of abnormally dry conditions sporadically developed throughout parts of central and northern Quebec due to short-term moisture deficits. 

As of the end of July, 22% of the farmland in central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) was impacted by abnormally dry or drought conditions, up from 10% at the end of June. 

Ontario drought monitor

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