Map: Vegetative Growth Continues to Suggest Good Crops in Most of Prairies

The latest update of Statistics Canada’s weekly Crop Condition Assessment Program continues to show the promise of some good Prairie crops this year.

As the map below shows, vegetative growth throughout portions of Manitoba, much of the main Saskatchewan production region and in south-central Alberta remains either higher or much higher compared to normal. The map reflects conditions as of the week ending July 26 and is derived from satellite imagery.

On the other hand, crops appear less robust in some of the more northern production regions of the Prairies, including northwestern Alberta where excessively wet weather has taken a toll.

The latest weekly Saskatchewan crop report on Thursday showed the condition of most crops in the province – apart from some special crops – at anywhere between about 75 to 85% good to excellent. In Alberta, crops in the worst-hit northwest are only rated about 34% good to excellent, compared to those in the central region which are pegged at 96% good to excellent.

In an interview this week, Harry Brook, the Flagstaff County agricultural fieldman, raved about some of the crops in his part of Alberta – southeast of Camrose - calling them ‘fabulous.’ At the same time, however, he admitted it is too late for those crops that were deluged to bounce back, even if things did now finally dry out.

Vegetative growth compared to normal

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