Maps: Drought Improvement, Elimination Expected in April

Drought is expected to persist or worsen in parts of Alberta during April but should largely improve or be eliminated completely in other Prairie areas, according to the latest Canadian drought outlook.

As can be seen on the maps below, much of the abnormal dryness and moderate drought encompassing the area from about Winnipeg through much of Saskatchewan is projected to ease or be mostly eliminated in April (shown in light tan and green).

In the other hand, drought is forecast to hold on in that part of Alberta from about Red Deer south to the US border. Small drought pockets of drought are also expected to worsen in areas of southwest of Lethbridge and Calgary, as well as west and south of Red Deer (shown in orange).

Soil moisture levels in Manitoba are expected to get a boost from a major spring storm forecast to batter the central and southern portions of the province from today through Friday. The system is expected to bring anywhere from 30 to 80 centimetres of snow and may result in a mix of snow and rain. Several areas of eastern Saskatchewan are also expected to pick up needed moisture from the storm.

In contrast, Alberta and western Saskatchewan will only have a few opportunities for light snow flurries through the end of the work week.

Colder or much colder than normal conditions will persist across the Prairies through early next week before warmer temperatures return to start to melt the snow.

Drought as of Mar 31

April drought outlook

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