Ontario Planting Progress Jumps with Good Weather 

A week of warm, dry weather has accelerated Ontario corn and soybean planting, with some areas even expected to be near the finish line this weekend. 

After a prolonged bout of cool, wet spring weather, corn and soybean planting began late last week on lighter textured soils and is progressing rapidly on all but heavier ground, according to an Ontario field crop report released earlier this week.  

It is estimated that by the end of the week over 50% of acres in many areas will be planted, the report said, adding that in some regions, closer to 80 or 90% of acres may be planted by some growers by this weekend. However, on the heavier ground, corn planting is either only partly started, with less than 10% of the crop reportedly in the ground in Essex County, or not started yet at all, such as in the Niagara region. 

Planting conditions are favourable from eastern to southwestern Ontario and have improved throughout the week, the report said. Still, there are reports of soil getting hard on the surface due to dry conditions, as well as concerns of soil drying, given the sun, high temperatures and wind.  

Spring Cereals 

Spring cereal seeding has been taking place since late last week in many areas, including northeastern Ontario, in addition to early spring frost-seeding and late-April seeding that took place. In much of southwestern Ontario, seeding will wrap up by the end of the week. In some areas with significant winter wheat winterkill, spring cereals have been planted instead. 

Winter Canola 

Winter canola should be bolting currently in Southwestern Ontario. In Essex County it is beginning to flower. 

Winter Wheat 

Winter wheat is at Zadok’s growth stage 31 in many areas, especially if planted before mid-October. Early planted wheat has reached GS 32 in some regions and GS 33 in the deep southwest. Nitrogen applications are largely completed, even on heavier-textured soils in Niagara and Lambton County. 

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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