Ottawa Announces Funding to Increase Export Share

The federal government on Wednesday announced funding to help the Canadian wheat industry increase its export market share.

An investment of up to $6.2 million has been earmarked for the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) to expand the market for Canadian wheat through technical support, market research, employee exchanges and customized training for customers and commercial partners in over 50 countries.

The project, funded through the AgriMarketing Program, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, will enable Cigi to strengthen relations with buyers and prevent future market access issues, while expanding existing markets and developing new opportunities around the world, according to a federal release.

“Over the next three years this funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program will be used by Cigi to maintain confidence in Canadian wheat quality in international markets, improve customer knowledge of the performance and functionality of Canadian wheat, and gather and share information on customers’ end-use requirements with the Canadian value chain,” said Cigi CEO JoAnne Buth.

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) is a not for profit organization established in 1972 to work with the grain and field crop value chain throughout Canada and internationally to drive the development and increase the use of Canadian agricultural products.

In 2017, Canada’s grain sector exported 20.5 million tonnes of wheat.

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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