Parrish & Heimbecker Announces New Flour Mill for Hamilton 

When P&H Milling Group, a division of Parrish & Heimbecker, opened its new Hamilton flour mill in 2017 it was the first such facility to be built in the province in 75 years. 

The facility doubled in capacity in 2020 with a second mill, and now the Winnipeg-based company has announced it is growing again. On Friday, P&H announced it will begin construction on a third flour mill at its Hamilton, ON site next month. 

Along with the mill, the project will also include two new storage silos, which will handle essential feed ingredients, such as soymeal, distillers dried grains, and wheat to service the flour mills.  

“Our ongoing commitment to the Canadian agricultural landscape is exemplified through this expansion in Hamilton,” CEO John Heimbecker said in a release. “We are not just expanding our infrastructure; we are investing in the future of Canadian agriculture and the baking industry.” 

The release said P&H’s expansion in Hamilton is aligned with its vision to “contribute significantly to the food industry, supporting local farmers, and ensuring a sustainable and resilient supply chain for our customer.” 

No estimate on the value of the construction or expected completion was provided. 

As the largest Canadian-owned milling company, the P&H Milling Group is comprised of nine flour mills strategically located across Canada.  P&H Milling specializes in flour milling and pea processing. 

Source: DePutter Publishing Ltd.

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